0.70.8 is now posted. Let us know what you think.

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6 Responses to “0.70.8”

  1. Dijital Says:

    Killer project!! Like m0n0wall on overdrive!!
    I must say that I have just recently switched over from m0n0wall to pfsense, and I must say that I am looking forward to the future of pfsense and its development however I do have a few suggestions, where/who do I contact about these.

  2. Aderium Says:

    Hi guys

    Nice job really I am at 0.70.2 and ready to bump up… I was wondering.

    Do you guys think Nagios could be implemented as a package ?

    Or should it sit somwhere else in the network.

    It is a great tool to complement the other ones

  3. Dijital Says:

    @aderium great suggestion looks like a great package to add to this wonderful product if I must say!!
    I would like to see some type of email server integrated into this, possibly open-xchange, what you guys think?

  4. Chris Buechler Says:

    Nagios, email servers, etc. should really all live on another box. Installing them on your firewall is a BAD IDEA.

    Not to say we aren’t going to have packages like that though. Later down the road we even plan for a version that works with a single NIC to use in a server role. Packages like that are better suited for a situation where you have another firewall in front of the device running them.

    We don’t recommend running everything on one box, but if you want to shoot yourself in the foot, we give you the ability to load the gun.

    Packages are not a major focus of the development team at this point, while the core of the project is being worked on extensively. Don’t expect to see many or any packages added anytime soon. You are of course welcome to submit patches to include them!

  5. Colin Smith Says:

    Like Chris said, providing new packages is currently not high on our list of priorities. I’m currently focusing on providing a stable and flexible backend along with documentation so people can make their own packages and submit them.

  6. Dijital Says:

    Any thought been given to like adding a quick port open or something or a quicklist for games? and just out of curiosity if I wanted have (2) firewalls, one for my wan, and then one in front of my email server, then would I just forward POP3/SMTP/DNS to that 2nd router, and then from there to mail server?

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