Welcome to the 0.71.X series

Exciting new features in 0.71, lets get right down to it:

  • All reboots have been removed – if you find one let me know
  • Bridging now works again
  • More theme cleanups
  • XMLRPC syncing of configurations now fixed
  • Many, many more things.
  • WRAP version updated

Let us know what you think.

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3 Responses to “Welcome to the 0.71.X series”

  1. Dijital Says:

    Thanks for the new version guys running like a charm. However I have a few questions how do I get it so that it will auto-update the firmware, and do you have a mailing list that I can subscribe to or something?

  2. Chris Buechler Says:

    Last I heard, autoupgrades are still not functioning.

    mailing list info here:

  3. Gio Says:

    Thanks for the new WRAP version! I’m following your work very closely and it is great. I’m testing all the feature (step by step) and I found that ‘upnp’ does not install==>Downloading package configuration file… done.
    Saving updated package information… done.
    Downloading upnp and its dependencies… done.
    Checking for successful package installation… failed!

    Installation aborted.
    That’s what I get. I’m tryng with other packages as well. Keep you informed. Has anyone the same problem with a WRAP board?

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