pfSense presentation from DCBSDCon now available on YouTube

My presentation from DCBSDCon is now available on YouTube. Network Perimeter Redundancy with pfSense

Hope it turned out decent, public speaking isn’t one of my strengths.

Lots of other content from DCBSDCon and other BSD conferences on the BSD Conferences YouTube channel for those interested. A couple in particular from DCBSDCon that I really enjoyed:

A Narrative History of BSD, Dr. Kirk McKusick

Network Security Monitoring with FreeBSD, by Richard Betjlich.

There were a number of other good ones too, check out the BSD Conferences channel for more.

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6 Responses to “pfSense presentation from DCBSDCon now available on YouTube”

  1. Juve Says:

    Well done Chris !
    Your voice is a bit shaking ;-)))) but the presentation sounds very good, clearly understandable for a non native english speaking person like me.
    Thank you for sharing that with US.

  2. MxxCon Says:

    great presentation tho a bit too general.
    should’ve spend a bit less time on background of pfsense and more about the actual perimeter redundancy.

    you shouldn’t be nervous about this. you are in a friendly crowd. they won’t throw tomatoes at you 😀

  3. Holger Bauer Says:

    Great talk chris! I hope more of the tech talks that you and scott do at various conferences become available in the future. I enjoyed this one very much 🙂

  4. Chris Buechler Says:

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I’m sure my voice was a bit shaky. 🙂

    MxxCon: that’s something we always struggle with – at BSDCan one year we went right into presenting the topic at hand with very little introduction to the project, and a lot of the feedback forms included “need more intro to the project” or something along those lines. So here I added that, and now you say it’s too much. 😉 I would suspect that from this audience here though, you guys are familiar with the project. The people at the BSD conferences mostly know at least a little about the project, though of the audience probably only half of them have much familiarity.

    The presentation before me ran over in time, so I probably sped through some things more than I otherwise would have in trying to keep to schedule. That and this was back when I still had another full time job (pfSense is my job now), leaving time extremely scarce and I literally finished the slides sitting in the back of the room during the presentation prior to mine. So I wasn’t as prepared as I would have liked (hence the shaky voice).

  5. Chris Buechler Says:

    Oh, and MxxCon: Friendly crowd? You couldn’t hear Henning Brauer heckling me. 😀 Those OpenBSD developers…. 😉 Heck he was even my roommate there! Kidding, wasn’t bad, I went out to the bar with Henning that night.

  6. MxxCon Says:

    at least it wasn’t at Cisco conference 😀
    but you are right, we’re familiar with pfsense so it felt kinda redundant. i’ve never been to bsdcon so i don’t know what kind of public is in the attendance. still, i’d imagine/hope pfsense to be well known enough not to need this kind of introduction 🙂

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