New version posted. Get it from a mirror near you.

New to 0.73:

  • Alert system will show you vital information at the top of the page. Click on the event to acknowledge it
  • PPPoE server. Currently locked to 16 ips but this will change soon.
  • Reverse captive portal on WAN (allow all traffic and enable captive portal for WAN. New visitors will be redirected to AUTH)
  • Multi WAN DHCP definitely works now
  • Added ral, ural and wai wireless interfaces to webConfigurator code
  • Correct channel 0 usage (AUTO)
  • Hide SSID wireless option
  • Wireless Transmit Power control

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3 Responses to “0.73”

  1. sofian Says:

    memory usage maintained 100% after several system configuration changes, is it normal ??

  2. Aderium Says:

    yeah same problem here ! is that normal ?

  3. Scott Ullrich Says:

    Yes. Use top to see the real numbers. FreeBSD does a good job of using all ram for cache!

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