Free PDF issue of BSD Magazine available

Not pfSense related exactly, but thought many of you may be interested in this. The latest issue of BSD Magazine is available for free online. The topic of this issue is OpenBSD.

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6 Responses to “Free PDF issue of BSD Magazine available”

  1. gladizxx Says:

    This is very helpful for someone who wants to learn about FreeBSD. I feel this is very useful to increase the knowledge of the BSD. I say thanks on the support.

    Gladizxx —- Indonesia

  2. Jeff Pelletier Says:

    It’s a great additions to help increase my BSD knowledge.

  3. blankko Says:

    I’m already a subscriber 😀

  4. Chris Buechler Says:

    blankko: me too. 🙂 But it takes like 6-8 weeks to get to me here in the US, I haven’t gotten it yet.

  5. Ehsanul Karim Says:

    Great resource.

  6. blankko Says:

    Chris: same here at malaysia, probably getting it around the same time as you.

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