Help save BSD Magazine

I have been a subscriber since the inaugural issue, and hope they can still make a go of it. Passing along an email from the editor of BSD Magazine.

I am sure most of you already heard that BSD magazine is going to be closed,
due to much lower benefits than expected and the economy in general…

There is one last chance thought – if I somehow manage to increase the sales
figures in stores the magazine will be published. I was given only one week
(till Monday). Not much, but better than nothing. I think it is worth trying!

I can’t do it alone -so I am asking you for your help and support. I know most
of you are already helping and I am really thankful for that.

If you could help me to promote the magazine on all forums, portals, blogs or
anywhere else I would be really grateful.

I have attached the cover of the most current issue of BSD magazine if you
would like to use it.

Please spread the word about BSD magazine!

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8 Responses to “Help save BSD Magazine”

  1. blankko Says:

    I hope they make it through this. Do wish to see them continue publishing BSD Magazine. They’re the only BSD magazine available out there currently (that I know of). I’ve just started my subscription for the 2nd year last month.

  2. Jared Evans Says:

    This sucks… the magazine is excellent and is very interesting… wish BSD in general had more mind-share out there 🙁

  3. Carl Rhodes Says:

    please keep it going. I buy mine at Boarders Book Store, and only the last 5 issues due to not knowing it was out there.

  4. HHumber Says:

    Gosh & darnit. First I’ve heard of this magazine. Never seen a print copy here in Australia but looks as if a subscription for a softcopy should’ve been in order.

  5. Chris Buechler Says:

    You can still subscribe.

    Not sure what happens if they fold, I would hope they would issue refunds. I renewed mine when it came up a couple months ago.

  6. Karolina Says:

    Dear All,

    Thanks to you all, BSD magazine will be published!

    I don’t know how you did this, but he sales figures from stores, website visits, newsletter subscribers increased immediately – you are the best!!

    I hope it will stay like this and that BSD magazine will win the fight for staying in operation for a long time!

    We still need your help and support, so please spread the word about BSD mag:)

    Thank you!

  7. Chris Buechler Says:

    Karolina: Great news! Thanks for stopping by.

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