pfSense at EuroBSDCon 2009

I will be presenting on pfSense at EuroBSDCon 2009, September 18-20 at University of Cambridge, England. A summary schedule, subject to change, is available and registration is open.

This will be my first EuroBSDCon, though I’m sure it’s as well done, informative, and fun as BSDCan and DCBSDCon, of which I’ve attended 6 combined.

My presentation will be an updated version of the presentation given at BSDCan, covering all the new functionality in 2.0, and our plans for beyond that.

I look forward to meeting some of you there!

small Update:

Holger and Seth will be there too.

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One Response to “pfSense at EuroBSDCon 2009”

  1. Paul M Says:

    if you missed it, you missed a treat. Chris’ talk was excellent and gave useful insight into 2.0 as well as the imminent 1.2.3.

    the conference room was packed, with people sitting on the floor or having to stand!

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