AnyTerm package added

A new package that provides a full terminal via webpage has been added.  This little gem of a package uses AJAX and provides full terminal emulation allowing for full screen terminal applications like vi, nano, top and so such to run perfectly!

The package also provides support for STUnnel.   However there is a known bug with STUnnel on the Certificates tab that we are working on but the default SSL Certificate works OK.

Check out a few screen shots

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9 Responses to “AnyTerm package added”

  1. Nestorfish Says:

    I may appear old-fashioned, but why provide cli through webgui instead of webgui through ssh tunnel? I’m aware about web browsers being more common than ssh clients, but aren’t the latter potentially more robust?

  2. Laith Z. Says:

    I have a question here.

    What makes it special if we are able to enable ssh and login remotely, is there any special features over using a remote shell login?


  3. Scott Ullrich Says:

    There is noting special about using this vs a normal SSH. If you do not have a clear need for this package then it is not for you and that is the beauty of our pkg system.

  4. Minh Duc Says:

    I think the Anyterm package help us to apply in specific situation like this:

    1. Authenticate using ssh ( no need install ssh client on device), all what user need is web browser

    –> User can change their password or doing something via web browser ( it is very useful if user using PDA device)

    2. Combine with User Shell for Authenticating Gateways in openbsd/freebsd to improve the WEP Security.

    –> User ( laptop or PDA device…no ssh client installed ) can use web browser to authenticate get again access via access point.

    3. … try think more

    If there is something wrong …please correct me.



    Minh Duc

  5. JT Says:

    Scott…great add. Remember, some people just lack imagination on the possibilities and options!

  6. Adam Says:

    Kinda of a crazy request, but this post made me think about it again.

    I thought it would be cool, if a Terminal Emulator was built into the webgui, and could talk to other devices via the serial port. I know it could have save someone a trip or two.

    Still it’s nice to have the Terminal in the Gui! 🙂 Nice one pfsense!

  7. Steve Says:

    Very useful – don’t forget some of us are stuck behind corp firewalls which will happily allow AJAX over HTTPS but sure as hell won’t allow SSH (Technically I’m sure you could wing it so you can HTTP Connect to SSH, but a decent firewall will spot pack of RFC2246 handshake and kill it)

  8. Les Says:

    We keep SSH blocked from public access due to some vulnerabilities. This is a very nice add and significantly narrows down the possible avenues the bad guys have for hacking the system for access. Thank you very much for this addition.

    And as a side note, I am sincerely honored to have the opportunity to make a comment on the same page as Scott Ullrich. My hat’s off with a bow.

  9. Scott Ullrich Says:

    Another use for this package:

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