pfSense interview on The BSD Show

Jim Pingle was interviewed on The BSD Show recently, he did a nice job discussing the project in general. Also available, the B-sides with outtakes from the interview. Another pfSense developer, Erik Fonnesbeck, joined the original recording but due to technical difficulties the recording had to be done over and he wasn’t able to join the re-recording. Thanks to Jim and Erik for their contributions, and helping to get the word out about the project!

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One Response to “pfSense interview on The BSD Show”

  1. michael howard Says:

    Great work! Heard the show, it’s nice to know that OpenVPN got lots of attention and works easily, and generally to see news. Perhaps a page with pfsense 2.0 beta features list with “working / unstable /not working” status to encourage new-version adventurers?

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