2.0-RC1 Now Available!

Years and many thousands of hours in the making, pfSense 2.0 Release Candidate 1 is now available! Most of the mirrors are synced up and have it available now, with the remaining couple syncing within the next few hours.

List of new features and changes is available here.

This is considered a stable release suitable for production use, as we’ve already widely deployed it over the past several months in beta and upgraded numerous systems to RC1 over the weekend. This is the preferred version for new installations at this point.

For existing 1.2.x users, upgrading will be a smooth process for most if not all scenarios. Some portions of the configuration are considerably different now than in 1.2.x releases, and we suspect there may be some configuration upgrade problems remaining, though we aren’t aware of any specific issues at this time and have tested a wide variety of configurations. If you encounter any upgrade issues, please post to the 2.0 board on the forum with information.

Please report any problems, questions or comments to the 2.0 board on the forum.


New installs


How many more RC releases (if any) we will see and when the final official release happens is yet to be determined. It will see wider use now, but we were already seeing in excess of 2500 unique IPs per week downloading 2.0 snapshots, so it’s been widely tested.


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102 Responses to “2.0-RC1 Now Available!”

  1. Oliver Says:

    Congrats guys! Thousands of hours…wow! I’ve been using snaps at home but I can’t wait to get it into production.

  2. User Says:

    Will bug 636 be fixed for the final release? It’s very cool if it can work. Running 2.0 and it running great, multiwan working like a charm.

  3. Alan Says:

    Absolutely amazing, Thanks to the pfSense team for all the hard work. Downloading now!

  4. Chris Buechler Says:

    User: I’m not sure 636 is really an issue, if it is it will be fixed though.

  5. JaY_III Says:

    Thanks for all the hard work guys.
    Look forward to the 2.0 final next and yet another year plus of uptime.
    How can we not love a firewall so stable it only goes down for upgrades.

  6. alexandrnew Says:

    ПОЗДРАВЛЯЮ! так держать!

  7. Ryan Says:

    Amazing features list guys. This is really looking like an awesome firewall for production use. I’ll be testing it on my VMware server soon.

  8. mikas Says:

    VERY good news!!! Setup in to the production now.

  9. adhi Says:

    nice release !!!

  10. Michel Says:

    Installed it yesterday at the home-firewall using the webgui to upgrade from the internet.
    This went smoothly without an issue.

    Great work !!

  11. DuroM Says:

    Hi all, it is amazing to listen this, I am wating for it so much and try to be patient… Thank so much … I started with m0n0wall 6 years ago and two years ago I start to play with pfSense… great work and I have to say Thank You all too much….
    I use 1.2.3 on wrap for more than one year with ALIX 3xLAN and 1G CF card and now I try to port it to Atom ION 330 (problem is only one 1Gb ETH port but I am using VLAN and FW on the stick phylosophie…).
    Thank You so much I will try it in production definitely, up to now it works in test only environment…


    P.S.: I like pfSense and BSD… it is stable and feauture rich… during last year I tested Zentyal, ClearOS, Ubuntu… But now I can seriously continue with this great product…
    pfSense guru, please stay with YOUR/our comunity for next and next years…

  12. Renato Botelho Says:

    Good wok guys! 2.0 is realy cool.

  13. dvserg Says:

    We now have a reason to upgrade 1.2.3

    Good job !!!

  14. Bart Says:

    Did the upgrade this morning.
    Now the wifi-card I set as AP no longer seems to work. Can still connect, but can’t reach pfSense’s webinterface or open websites anymore through that card.

    Think I’ll do a reinstall later, see if that helps.

    Note: To my surprise ng-mode (I’m using an wifi N-card) was an option, but no N-features after selecting that as far as I could see.

  15. Michael Says:

    Nice work! Please make some Virtual Mashine Dumps.

  16. Seko Says:

    GREAT! Excelent work guys!

    Downloading NOW!

  17. Goliator Says:


    Very nice, good work.

    Thanks all team Pfsense

  18. heper Says:

    Congrats pfsense team

  19. Redis999 Says:

    Sorry for my bad English. PPTP Client on WAN (DHCP) not Work in pfSense 2.0 RC1! 8-( I tried twice. system freezes. Name of remote PPTP server not work – only IP address. 8-( BETA-4 work stable! 8-) Good luck for you hard work! With greetings from Russia.
    Если кто понимает по-русски: PPTP клиент не работает на WAN (DHCP) пробовал дважды – результат зависание системы. на BETA-4 все работало замечательно! И не работает имя сервера PPTP, только IP.

  20. I-Iouse Says:


  21. Cino Says:

    congrats to the dev team!!! what a great fw

  22. IT a digital life Says:

    pfSense 2.0RC1 is now available….

    Looks like the pfSense team has put out their first release candidate for the version 2 of the open source pfSense firewall…….

  23. crashmag Says:

    Kudos to you for the great work, it’s been a long wait :)

  24. 3L0Byte Says:

    You just make my day ! Thank you guys !

  25. Andu Says:

    Well done, guys! U just made my day…errr…month!

  26. Eduardo Says:

    Parabéns equipe do pfsense !!!!!

  27. Vinícius Coque Says:

    Congratulations, pfSense 2.0 is amazing!!!

  28. Miscu Cosmin Says:

    Thank you for all your hard work, GREAT JOB

  29. Pierre Says:

    Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

    I’m so waiting for the final release !!! I will donate soon as I have something in my wallet !!!

    Please keep going your great work, pfSense is awesome :)

  30. Dagoberto Says:

    Thaks folks. You are GREAT.

  31. Steve Says:

    Great job guys! Thanks for all your hard work! =)

  32. Teg Bains Says:

    Congratulations and thanks! Keep up the great work!

  33. chGSD Says:

    Congratulations & a big Thank You!
    Your work is incredible, each release, regardless of how long in the making, is a gem. Thank you for every single release you have made and continue to make.

  34. Mike Says:

    Been running 2.0 snapshots here as our motel firewall for guests for months now and it has been very stable, though we’re not putting it through the paces most other people are. Thank you so much for your help!

    One question I have, though: will you be porting pfSense to ARM? This would be great to have running on Shivaplugs and related ultra-low power hardware!

  35. Halh Says:

    I love this ! Thanks for great work.!

  36. Koen Zomers Says:

    Congrats on this milestone guys! Keep up the great work!

  37. Atwin Calchand Says:

    Great job Guys! Thanks for all your hard-work… Cheers…

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  39. Riche Robin Says:

    Thanks guys, I’ve been waiting for this release…….

  40. Zorro Says:

    Great work !!

    This is apsolutely nro# 1 Firewall

    Two major features is still missing from being perfect: SSH Client with portforwarding (GUI tunnel manager) and LDAP Server.

    Anyhow great job ja nice ;-)

  41. Toto Says:

    thank you for the hard work!

  42. Joseph Brower Says:

    Looking sharp! I’m glad to see another solid release coming out.

  43. Mahesh Chowta Says:

    Congrats, Thanks to the pfSense team for all the hard work.

  44. David Keenan Says:

    Guys, like thousands of others I’ve been following the build-up to 2.0 for years; keeping a lurking eye on the forum, bug tracker, repo and all the rest. When I think how much work has gone into this I’m pretty moved. Wow is right — Chris and the rest of the team…what can we say? Your karma is through the roof. you all just rock, so: THANK YOU!

  45. redis999 Says:

    I apologize for the inconsiderate previous post. Everything works just great! Great job guys! With hearty greetings from Russia. ;-)

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  47. Kevin Bowling Says:

    Been using pSense forever (pre 1.0?). You guys rock, keep up the good work!

  48. Olle Says:

    Amazing!! Best firewall solution out there. Been running pfsense since 0.8.

    Keep up the good job!

  49. Adelo Says:


  50. Paolo Denti Says:

    Thanks guys, great job as usual

  51. darklogic Says:

    After getting through a couple of upgrade issues from 1.2.3-release, all I can say is WOW!!! you guys are amazing. “Thank You” so much for this great open source product. The time and wait was well spent.

  52. Niclas Says:

    Thanks a lot guys for all the effort you always put in this excellent solution!

  53. Alberto Massagli Says:

    yeah!!!good work!!!

    It’s a long time that I use pfSense in production(enjoying it very much)
    older versions were great.pfSense 2 is wonderful

    tks tks tks very much

  54. Moha Says:

    Huge work. Excellente pre-release. Thank you guys.

  55. r00t Says:

    You guys are great!!Thank you so much for the incredible firewall product that is pfSense!!

  56. Zach Says:

    What a sweet piece of software! Absolutely the best… Hats off.

  57. Fred Says:

    This is absolutely the best firewall I have ever used in my life. Traffic shaping, etc. just fantastic. We need you guys to keep on producing these releases and adding to this so I will be making a donation to the project and I hope that everyone else can do, even if you can only do a small donation please let’s support this terrific system.

    Thank you my friends. -Fred

  58. Will Says:

    Fantastic! I will our first install this weekend! Thanks for all your hard work!

  59. Alberto Picon Says:

    Thank you once again for such a GRRRRREAT product. Congratulations, really!!!

  60. Yannick Gagne Says:

    Thanks a lot guys, awesome work! Lots of interesting new features!

    Running pfsense at home and at work!


  61. Antony ProFreebsd Says:

    Wow Wow, lets try it!

  62. Raja Says:

    Hi Guys Can we configured dual WAN with pppoe and load balancing/failover ?

    I am using Pfsense 1.2.3. and im planning to upgrade 2.0 Beta :)

  63. Yvain PAYEN Says:

    Thanks guys for this great job…
    You’re amazing !

  64. Peter Says:

    Hi Team, congratulations and THANK YOU !. I´m using 2.0 now, it´s great!

  65. tom Says:

    I love all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Dhammika Says:

    congrats guys!!!! what a great product…
    Thank you very much….

  67. Tim Heller Says:

    I can hardly wait and I will spread the news as always… Thanks for all or your hard work!!!

  68. Wayne Francis Says:

    I love pfsense its great work, keep it up. My question to you is i noticed that i can now throttle the bandwith in 2.0 unlike 123 where i had to enable traffic shaper for it to work. I am now wondering can i throttle bandwidth in different amounts to any workstation on my network. For example workstation 1 needs 10MB and I want to limit workstation 2 to 3MB can this be done ??

  69. Chris Buechler Says:

    Wayne: yes. please post questions to the forum though, most people don’t see them here.

  70. Bastien Semene Says:

    Congrats pfsense team

  71. Caapsoft Says:

    Congrats guys, this is the results from a nice job.
    Thank you for this great product.

  72. Jürgen W. Says:

    The 2.0-RC1 1g nano works fine on my small old IGEL J with a CF card. Thank You very much!

  73. Kokant Says:

    Great work guys once again . I am using pf-sense since 2007 and i am very
    impressed from the performance and stability .

    Suggestion.. in the static routing is very handy to use the aliases for network
    group. For instance i create an alias Nets that contains 5 different networks
    Now in the static routing section i state the networks one by one along with the gateway. With the alias feature i can write one state for routing instead of 5.
    Or you can add a group section in the routing table.

    B>R ..

  74. mjnshosting Says:

    Putting it on the dev network tonight and in the colo by within a few weeks. I cant freaking wait to use LAGG for fail over linkages.

  75. Emmanuel Rivera Says:

    This is cool! Great work! Been waiting for this release. I love the captive portal voucher support. yeeeaahh!

  76. James Black Says:

    Well Done Guys! You are truely an example to the opensource community. Thank you for such an amazing product!

  77. smith Says:

    Good job. Thank you.

  78. Ole Says:

    in production.
    works “flawlessy” for me…
    somehow it just stopped responding in vm env. running off a datastore of ssd but none of the other servers had issues, no logs showed anything worthy…
    right after upgrade to RC1.

    its done now 3 days without loss.
    Can’t wait till its final, and I know its complete!

  79. Sami Saul Says:

    Great work, guys!!
    Upgrading from 1.2.3 with no problem.

    Thanks a lot!

  80. Suat Says:

    Thank you for making such a great IDS-package possible, it really rocks!
    I didn’t see the SpamAssassin-fuctionality I eagerly waited for in version 2.0, in the published featurelist though. What happened to this feature?

  81. Chris Buechler Says:

    Suat: that would be a package, packages have no relation to base system releases. There is no SpamAssassin package and it’s never been on any official feature lists. You’re welcome to create one, we have no plans to do so at this time.

  82. Roger Says:

    Brilliant. Needed the multi WAN and CARP and it works perfectly. Thanks very much.

  83. Edward Odonkor Says:


    thats is great, I have about 8 in production, cant wait upgrade all of them, with the time based filtering in pf, wow, i have managed the time based filtering in squid-guard but it a lot more easier now.

    i got my copy of pfsense it is a great book, i love it, will there a free update for those of us who got a hardcopy?

    Thanks guys.

  84. David5j Says:

    Holy sh… I`m all wet :D Long time not visiting pfSense and now a big surprise! Thank you guys for all your hard work and for all the “goodies” added, and thank you FreeBSD. So in this case this is true: good things are free !!!

  85. David5j Says:

    I`m tesing this release and what can I say more… this is the lazy admin dream: CA, IPSec, SPI, IDS, CARP, QoS, PPPoE etc on strong BSD foundation and all that with just a few mouse clicks. I will definitely donate. God bless you!!!

  86. k2 Says:

    u know u guys rock

  87. Tom Hek Says:

    I can only describe version 2 of pfSense in one word: Awesome.

    FreeBSD with PF, configurable through a easy web interface and lots of features, I really love it. I replaced my own FreeBSD + PF solution with pfSense, way easier to maintain and change the config.

  88. kfclancer Says:

    I love you guy……..
    Pfsense is the best.

  89. Jon C Says:

    I have 2.0 1g nano running on my Netgate 2D13 kit. I have 5 site to site VPN Tunnels (mostly to Sonicwalls but 1 is another pfsense) and OpenVPN with 3 users. This has been incredibly stable. Even when power outages cause a hiccup in the VPN, the PFSense router will re-initialize it right away. The Sonicwall’s take time to do this. The traffic shaping is incredible.

    I love pfsense. Great work!

  90. Frozen_fire Says:

    pfSense (will) definitely change our view of CyberSpace…job well done pfSense team…thank you very much ! ! !

    FYI: 30 km. is my distance from the nearest 3G tower + self designed antenna + pfSense, and my family can enjoy online games with acceptable lag.

  91. Nick W Says:

    2.0 RC1 running well on an Alix board – looking forward to upgrading our 1.2 routers as soon as there is a stable pfsense2.

    Congratulations and THANK YOU for producing a truly excellent open source product!

  92. Ravenhash Says:

    Excellent work guys, nice GUI and is really a good feeling to look at something new. As soon as the release is out of BETA be assure to see a donation from my side.

  93. Tux Says:

    Thanks for you fantastic products.

    Nice products.

  94. Andrew Says:

    Hey guys. Can’t wait for 2.0 final to be released. I’m still using 1.2.3 as I had some issues in the 2.0 beta I tried. Desperate for 2.0 though. Keep working :) and thanks so far.

  95. andrea Says:

    Hi, version rc2 has been released?

    on my router I see this:

    A new version is now available

    Current version: 2.0-RC2
    Built On: Tue May 31 11:57:18 EDT 2011
    New version: Wed Jun 1 02:09:51 EDT 2011

    Update source: http://snapshots.pfsense.org/FreeBSD_RELENG_8_1/i386/pfSense_HEAD/.updaters/

  96. andrea Says:

    Great work! Thank-you !

  97. swx Says:

    It’s nice to finally the number of bugs under http://redmine.pfsense.org/projects/pfsense/roadmap decreasing… :-)

    Any chance to have a 2.0 RC2 in a near future? RC1 is soon 4 months old.

    Thanks again for the great work!

  98. Chris Buechler Says:

    RC2 will be a snapshots-only tag, RC3 will be pushed to the mirrors within the next week. Looks like that will be the final RC and release will be shortly following that.

  99. swx Says:

    Nice, thanks for the feedback Chris and good luck with the release.

  100. Ben Says:

    I’m trying to download a 2.0 rc when I click on the new installs link on this page the mirrors appear to have only version 1.2.3.

    Am I doing it wrong?


  101. GreatJob Says:

    Great release. I tested RC1 for a few months now. It’s rock solid.

  102. Chris Buechler Says:

    RC1 is no longer available on the mirrors as no one should be using it anymore, RC3 is done and will be pushed to the mirrors as soon as I have a chance to sign the update files (at some point in the next few hours).

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