2.0 Release Now Available!

I’m proud to announce the release of version 2.0. This brings the past three years of new feature additions, with significant enhancements to almost every portion of the system. The changes and new features are summarized here. This is by far the most widely deployed release we’ve put out, thanks to the efforts of thousands of members of the community. We also have hundreds of customer systems that have been running 2.0 in production for months and years in some cases. More than 108,000 unique IPs have downloaded snapshots in 2011 from snapshots.pfsense.org alone, not counting downloads from the mirrors.

Upgrade considerations

It is very important to read the upgrade guide before performing an upgrade.


Files for new installs available here on the mirrors.

NOTE: With 2.0 release and newer versions, we’re now also building the oft-requested nanobsd embedded version with VGA! You’ll find alternate builds with VGA in the filename, which are the VGA-enabled versions. Only use these on hardware with VGA video. The regular serial version must be used on all hardware that has only a serial port, like the popular PC Engines and Soekris models amongst others, as they will not boot or function correctly otherwise.

Update files for upgrades available here on the mirrors.


Every page in 2.0 has a help link via the question mark on the top left of each page, which takes you to a page on the documentation site with information pertaining to that screen. Almost every page links to some level of detail, and that will be growing by the day in the weeks and months to come.

There is a growing amount of documentation available in the 2.0 category of the documentation site. An updated book is in the works, but no release date yet determined. More info on that will come soon. Currently the best source of info in the world on the project is still our existing book, and the updated information available via help links in the web interface and the 2.0 category. Much more to come.


We’re having a full day 2.0 training session at EuroBSDCon 2011 on October 6. We’re also in the planning stages of a one or two full day training session to be held in the US, probably in our home base of Louisville.


This release is the result of years of work from dozens of people on the development alone, plus thousands who have helped with testing snapshots.  Most importantly are those who financially support the project. As I will cover more in a future post, this release would have never happened if not for having adequate financial support to employ multiple people full time to work on the project. Hundreds of companies have contributed and we’re very grateful for their support. I would like to thank our largest supporters here individually.

Helping the project

There are many ways you can help the project, detailed on the website. Our biggest need is money to keep people employed working on the project. We’re currently in need of contributions for IPv6 development in 2.1, and more immediately, we’re having Hackathon 2011 in a couple weeks, bringing developers from around the world together in Louisville. Please help cover our expenses for both of these by donating today.

Thank you!


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69 Responses to “2.0 Release Now Available!”

  1. Ozzik Says:

    Thanks so much for all your great work!
    Let the fun begin;)

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  3. Joey DiJulio Says:

    Woohoo! Congrats on the release guys!

  4. Stripecat Says:

    Guys! You rock.

    I just wanted to say that. I use 2.0 RC3 and it works without any quirks I have found. PFSense is a product I love to think about as little as possible. And that is high praise from me, since I believe the best software is the software that just works and demands little or no attention. Off course you have to keep updated about security problems and read logs. But in a world of buggy, troublesome and chatty software PFSense feels like a calm backwater. Great work Scott and the rest of you! //Stripecat

  5. Kevin Bowling Says:

    2.0 has been rock solid since early beta. No doubt this is the best release yet. Great work team!

  6. Jester Says:

    I don’t know if the *_vga.img.gz images are what i think they are (vga support!), but if they are (downloading right now to test asap) you guys rock even more than you already did (if that is even possible)!!!

  7. Chris Buechler Says:

    Jester: those are, indeed, nanobsd with VGA. :)

    NOTE: DO NOT use those on hardware that only has a serial port, like those from PC Engines, Soekris, and many others. Only use the regular nanobsd on such hardware. Anything with VGA where you don’t want to use a serial console, use the VGA ones.

    We’re updating a page with info on what filename is what and will link it in this post then.

  8. andrea Says:

    Very good job!!

  9. Asgeir Karlsen Says:

    Even though all RC’s of 2.0 have been very stable, I have waited a long time for this stable release to use in production. Well worth the wait, a fantastic release it is! Thank you to all developers and testers.

  10. hamuod Says:

    i was counting every single day up to this great release.
    Time to upgrade.

  11. JM Says:

    Great job all of you and the test users also! Great effort for over three years of developing this! So, whats next ;-)

  12. PakdeSastro Says:

    Thanks verry much. The Great preventions firewall.

    pakde sastro

  13. Troels Just Says:

    Congratulations on a job well done! :D
    I am looking forward to installing this on my Soekris net5501 box.

  14. Jens Kühnel Says:

    Great!! I have RC3 in production since 2 Month ago and it runs perfectly. Really the best Firewall I ever had.

    Only one thing, I wanted to use the autoupdate function to upgrade to 2.0 but I get signatur errors. Do I have to wait, for some mirror to sync?


  15. Podilarius Says:

    Thank you to all who made this possible.

  16. riddik Says:


  17. SLG Says:

    Love the new release! When is the VMware appliance planned on being published?

  18. phil Says:

    woot! woot!

  19. ugur kale Says:

    thanks. pfsense is single field!

  20. cooiacoi Says:

    This is great! Can’t wait to install 2.0.

  21. John Sellens Says:

    Terrific! Thank you all so much for all your hard work! – John

  22. Oliver Says:

    Phenomenal work team! I have also been using RC3 in production on a few boxes and at home from RC1. pfSense is a wonderful project and all the contributors deserve a huge THANK YOU! All the time you put in is well appreciated. Enjoy the weekend!

  23. JohnnyBeGood Says:

    Big Thank You for all of your hard work!

  24. Maik Says:

    Good job guys!
    Going do to a fresh install right now :)

  25. Totoro Says:

    Great news and jobs .

    Our customers waited for it since a long time.

    One more time, thank you very much. Take a big rest, we promote great works ;-)

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  27. Tim Nelson Says:

    Congrats!! Thanks as always for your hard work and solid engineering. I’ll be sure to donate the to upcoming hackathon in gratitude.

  28. David Szpunar Says:

    Thanks for all the hard work, glad to finally see 2.0 released! Now friends will be more comfortable with my recommendation to run 2.0 even though I’ve been running the betas for over a year :-) Going to miss the 2.0 dev forum though…

    And for any asking about upgrading from the RC to stable, go to Firmware->Updater Settings tab->pick pfSense Stable Release (platform) to match your system under Default Auto Update URLs, leave the Firmware Auto Update URL checked but the URL itself will change to http://updates.pfsense.org/_updaters. Uncheck the “allow unsigned images” checkbox for security since the stable release is signed. Save, then return to the Auto Update tab and you should see the RELEASE version with a Sept. 13th build date (instead of Sept. 11th as you probably saw before). You can now auto-upgrade normally to the release version, it’s worked for me 6-10 times already.


  29. Ted Bullock Says:


    I am completely impressed by the amount of work which needed to go into this.

  30. Mike Says:

    Been running 2.0 since the beta days and it’s been very solid as the main firewall/NAT for our motel’s public wi-fi network. We don’t stress the old machine (or pfSense) very much here, so it’s been very reliable other than the occasional obscure bug.

    I just noticed you’re putting out NanoBSD images with VGA–W00T!! I was just about to upgrade a Firebox 500 (non-X-version) and was also thinking about putting it on the main firewall box (an old PC), replacing the hard drive with a CF card and adapter–this will make that much easier!

    Thanks again, guys, for making such great software! I know it was a rocky start, but now this is rock-solid, and a great way to celebrate Software Freedom Day!

    Mike P. Storke, “de-facto IT guy” (but not paid any extra)
    Super-8 Motel
    Phoenix, Arizona

  31. junfeng Says:

    of cource ,thanks very much~~

  32. Asal T. Saadeddin Says:

    thanks all for great work
    i am asking if there ability to add mail server application(qmail or postfix) and samba, which will cover all small and median company internet services.


  33. Erick Fleming Says:

    GREAT job pfSense team!
    Going upgrade right now!!!

  34. Leandro Says:

    Muito bom!!!
    Stable Version!!!

  35. Renvorak Says:

    Congrats on the final release and thanks again for all your hard work! We have had several systems on 2.0 this year and have really appreciated all the new features and the work that went into it. It’s awesome to see the final release!

  36. Harvey Says:

    Congratulations and Thank You very much… God Bless you all and More Power!!!

  37. Ricardo Says:


    I’ve upgrade my RC to the Release…

    Thank you for the hard work!!!

    Keep doing it!

  38. David Szpunar Says:

    @Asal T. Saadeddin:
    I think you will find that there is a strong opinion among the developers and much of the pfSense community that whatever box is used for a firewall should NOT run other software as you suggest. You may find a solution like that elsewhere but I think you can count on not finding it built into pfSense any time soon. My opinion is similar though maybe not quite as strong. However, I would tend to either buy a NetGate pfSense box for $200 with no moving parts as a reliable firewall and get a second system as a server, or if you have a powerful enough server and want to use the same hardware for everything, use a free virtualization solution (VMware ESXi Free, Citrix XenServer, or the free Hyper-V Server though you may have issues running non-Windows OSes in some cases with that) and run pfSense (especially with dedicated NICs) and another virtual machine for other services as you mention.

  39. Pieter Jordaan Says:

    Well done guys!

    The new release is just in time for my remote site visits, so I’ll be upgrading all of them in the next two weeks.

    I will never go back to Cisco!

  40. Josh Becigneul Says:

    Awesome work guys!

  41. woo Says:

    Wow! As I was installing my pfsense 1.2.3 for the first time on an ALIX board, on Saturday, you guys were releasing version 2.0! No, I’m not mad, just wanted to thank you for this free O/S which has awesome features, is useable and useful, and is so professional in everything. Thanks!

  42. juan angel graña Says:

    al fin llego el tan esperado release 2 de su producto
    gracias por su esfuerzo
    Congratulacions on the final these release and thanks again for all your hard work!
    form montevideo uruguay

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  44. Peter Moreno Says:

    I,m from Tijuana, Mexico and have follow the BETA from more than a year, updating every week sometimes twice a week, never had any issues in my 4 machines.

    This is very solid release, squid performance increase compare vs 1.2.3.

    2.0-RC3 (i386)
    built on Sun Sep 11 22:10:57 EDT 2011

    My next update will be a release, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    Just would like to thanks all the team that make this possible, gracias(Thanksl).

  45. dagoberto Says:

    Congratulations, pfsense is really amazing.

  46. Matthew Says:

    Thanks guys :) My primary pfSense fw has been up (without reboot) for almost 4yrs now :) I guess I’ll have to look into changing that so I can reload with 2.0.

  47. Regis Wiltshire Says:

    This far the best and most robust Firewall I ever used. Thanks a lot. I know you guys worked hard and performance is exceptional.

  48. Waldo Nell Says:

    Well done guys. I’ve not been able to support you financially, though I have tested with 7 different clients during the past 3 years and am just very glad the 2.0 release finally made it out.

  49. Justin Says:

    I’m soooo happy… Yippieeee!!

  50. pongamorn Says:

    Thanks verry much.

  51. G. Achs Says:

    First of all : Well done guys, all my gateways have been migrated to 2.0 now. 1,2 production ones as well as 2.0-RC testing.
    Only thing I’m really missing : virtio drivers. i do have virtual installs (yes, also productive ones) that work like a charm, but performance could be way better.

  52. | FreeBSD News Says:

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  53. RpR Says:

    Good job!!!
    Love the software!

  54. Ricardo Says:

    Hey, great work, you should update the screenshots!

  55. ArcticLab.org Says:

    Great work.

    The pfSense 2.0 release continues to work well (as did previous releases) on our Soekris systems (specifically currently the 5501 models).

    Using the Release Candidates went smoothly and NanoBSD makes upgrades a snap.

    For larger implementations with greater throughput, our installs on our server class machines also works well (in testing and production).

    Depending on implementation we use a good mix of OpenBSD (with PF) and pfSense installs.

    We renewed our support contract in support of the project and will be donating soon.

  56. Gabriel Paniagua Says:

    Congratulations guys!
    Your work is awesome!!

  57. Netix Lab Says:

    Best firewall release ever. Not just a great job, it’s free and beats any commertial system in the weight cathegory. Using pfsense since 1.2 and it never failed me.
    Keep it going! Congrats to Chris and his super team!

  58. Mahesh Says:


    Thanks for awesome firewall!

  59. M. Moore (Det, MI) Says:

    Sweet, d/l’ing as we speak. can’t wait to set it up @ home.

  60. Thalysson Sarmento Says:

    Hello team !

    Excellent work.

    I will test this new version!

    Success for everyone!

  61. PfsenseForEver Says:

    Thanks a lot guys. Moving now from RC3 to 2.0.

  62. PfsenseForEver Says:

    by the way it would be interesting to estimate how much went into Pfense 2.0 in term of men dev days / hourly rate. I think the number must be quite big.

  63. Kolo Says:

    Goog job!!!! congratulations. Now go to upgrade!!!!!

    In my country we say “¡Eres una puta maquina!” when someone is very good doing his job, so in english it may be “you’re a f**ing machine! jejeje, but i’m not sure ;)

    Thanks for your great job!!!!

  64. Christian Says:

    Thank you a lot for your hard work!

  65. barf Says:

    congratulations everyone! thanks for all the hard work. kia ora from new zealand

  66. gunnar Says:

    Great work – great firewall

  67. ysmar Says:

    He probado el sistema y es perfecto, utilizando los delay spool mejora el doble de su rendimiento. Muchas gracia es lo maximo

  68. junfeng Says:

    great work ! I want to study very munch!

  69. Pleased Says:

    Awesome system, been waiting for the 2.0 release for a while now. Thanks for a great firewall system guys.

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