2.0 Release Now Available!

I’m proud to announce the release of version 2.0. This brings the past three years of new feature additions, with significant enhancements to almost every portion of the system. The changes and new features are summarized here. This is by far the most widely deployed release we’ve put out, thanks to the efforts of thousands of members of the community. We also have hundreds of customer systems that have been running 2.0 in production for months and years in some cases. More than 108,000 unique IPs have downloaded snapshots in 2011 from snapshots.pfsense.org alone, not counting downloads from the mirrors.

Upgrade considerations

It is very important to read the upgrade guide before performing an upgrade.


Files for new installs available here on the mirrors.

NOTE: With 2.0 release and newer versions, we’re now also building the oft-requested nanobsd embedded version with VGA! You’ll find alternate builds with VGA in the filename, which are the VGA-enabled versions. Only use these on hardware with VGA video. The regular serial version must be used on all hardware that has only a serial port, like the popular PC Engines and Soekris models amongst others, as they will not boot or function correctly otherwise.

Update files for upgrades available here on the mirrors.


Every page in 2.0 has a help link via the question mark on the top left of each page, which takes you to a page on the documentation site with information pertaining to that screen. Almost every page links to some level of detail, and that will be growing by the day in the weeks and months to come.

There is a growing amount of documentation available in the 2.0 category of the documentation site. An updated book is in the works, but no release date yet determined. More info on that will come soon. Currently the best source of info in the world on the project is still our existing book, and the updated information available via help links in the web interface and the 2.0 category. Much more to come.


We’re having a full day 2.0 training session at EuroBSDCon 2011 on October 6. We’re also in the planning stages of a one or two full day training session to be held in the US, probably in our home base of Louisville.


This release is the result of years of work from dozens of people on the development alone, plus thousands who have helped with testing snapshots.  Most importantly are those who financially support the project. As I will cover more in a future post, this release would have never happened if not for having adequate financial support to employ multiple people full time to work on the project. Hundreds of companies have contributed and we’re very grateful for their support. I would like to thank our largest supporters here individually.

Helping the project

There are many ways you can help the project, detailed on the website. Our biggest need is money to keep people employed working on the project. We’re currently in need of contributions for IPv6 development in 2.1, and more immediately, we’re having Hackathon 2011 in a couple weeks, bringing developers from around the world together in Louisville. Please help cover our expenses for both of these by donating today.

Thank you!


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69 Responses to “2.0 Release Now Available!”

  1. G. Achs Says:

    First of all : Well done guys, all my gateways have been migrated to 2.0 now. 1,2 production ones as well as 2.0-RC testing.
    Only thing I’m really missing : virtio drivers. i do have virtual installs (yes, also productive ones) that work like a charm, but performance could be way better.

  2. | FreeBSD News Says:

    […] on September 22, 2011 by Gerard Chris Buechler has announced pfSense 2.0: 2.0 Release available I’m proud to announce the release of version 2.0. This brings the past three years of new feature […]

  3. RpR Says:

    Good job!!!
    Love the software!

  4. Ricardo Says:

    Hey, great work, you should update the screenshots!

  5. ArcticLab.org Says:

    Great work.

    The pfSense 2.0 release continues to work well (as did previous releases) on our Soekris systems (specifically currently the 5501 models).

    Using the Release Candidates went smoothly and NanoBSD makes upgrades a snap.

    For larger implementations with greater throughput, our installs on our server class machines also works well (in testing and production).

    Depending on implementation we use a good mix of OpenBSD (with PF) and pfSense installs.

    We renewed our support contract in support of the project and will be donating soon.

  6. Gabriel Paniagua Says:

    Congratulations guys!
    Your work is awesome!!

  7. Netix Lab Says:

    Best firewall release ever. Not just a great job, it’s free and beats any commertial system in the weight cathegory. Using pfsense since 1.2 and it never failed me.
    Keep it going! Congrats to Chris and his super team!

  8. Mahesh Says:


    Thanks for awesome firewall!

  9. M. Moore (Det, MI) Says:

    Sweet, d/l’ing as we speak. can’t wait to set it up @ home.

  10. Thalysson Sarmento Says:

    Hello team !

    Excellent work.

    I will test this new version!

    Success for everyone!

  11. PfsenseForEver Says:

    Thanks a lot guys. Moving now from RC3 to 2.0.

  12. PfsenseForEver Says:

    by the way it would be interesting to estimate how much went into Pfense 2.0 in term of men dev days / hourly rate. I think the number must be quite big.

  13. Kolo Says:

    Goog job!!!! congratulations. Now go to upgrade!!!!!

    In my country we say “¡Eres una puta maquina!” when someone is very good doing his job, so in english it may be “you’re a f**ing machine! jejeje, but i’m not sure 😉

    Thanks for your great job!!!!

  14. Christian Says:

    Thank you a lot for your hard work!

  15. barf Says:

    congratulations everyone! thanks for all the hard work. kia ora from new zealand

  16. gunnar Says:

    Great work – great firewall

  17. ysmar Says:

    He probado el sistema y es perfecto, utilizando los delay spool mejora el doble de su rendimiento. Muchas gracia es lo maximo

  18. junfeng Says:

    great work ! I want to study very munch!

  19. Pleased Says:

    Awesome system, been waiting for the 2.0 release for a while now. Thanks for a great firewall system guys.

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