7 year anniversary of pfSense

7 years ago today, the name pfSense was settled on, and pfsense.org/com/net domains were registered. It’s grown from the volunteer efforts of a handful of people, to one of the most widely used platforms in the world, with a whole team of people making a living working on the project thanks to our support and reseller customers. Thanks to everyone who makes the project possible, and here’s to the next 7 years and beyond!

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29 Responses to “7 year anniversary of pfSense”

  1. Jonathan Puddle Says:

    That’s two big milestones in a week! Big congratulations to you guys, I don’t know what we’d do without pfSense.

  2. System Admin Says:

    I love pfsense, this is the first time that i used it and i got rid of my old linux firewall and replaced it with pfsense. I love learning new tricks using it, keep up the good work guys. pfsense 2.o.

  3. Steve MacGregor (grape) Says:

    I have had the opportunity to be a pfSense user for all seven years, and I can say that it has been a real pleasure to watch the project develop into a real first-class project. Thank you for all of the hard work!

  4. Dan Lundqvist Says:

    When I stumbled upon pfSense (via M0nowall), when searching for a good firewall, a few years back I have never looked back. And pfSense has always been the product I use for reference when comparing others.
    And I always come back to pFSense.

    I have now finally moved into a standalone physical box and is planning to make it the primary within short.

    Thanks and keep up the excellent work. 🙂

  5. Paul Smith Says:

    I have been using you for the last three and a bit years and its the best ever 🙂

    Love version 2.0

    Thanks for keeping my network safe and secure

  6. Andrea Says:

    congratulation, very good job!

  7. bob Says:


  8. David K Says:

    When is comes to firewalls and site-to-site vpns, pfsense has afforded us boilerplate reliability. keep up the good work.

  9. Pakdhe Sastro Says:

    I followed the first time since the beginning of pfsense built. many benefits that I get. In its development, I believe if pfsense would be a firewall is the most complete and keep up to date security continues to evolve. And the main thing is pfsense will be an open source firewall is the most widely used in the world.

    There is no right word unless I say many thanks to all the teams that have built up pfsense since the beginning until now.

    Once again congratulations on the success of pfsense. Thank you.

    Pakdhe Sastro – Indonesia

  10. nihua Says:

    2002 我使用路由器。
    2004 使用 freebsd+IPFILTER。
    2006 我找到了pfsense,一直稳定使用到现在,非常棒的作品。
    抱歉我对 英文只会看不会写,所以用中文恭喜pfsense了。
    Thanks you。

  11. Andrew Rimmer Says:

    We use pfsense and it always performs as required. We have started to deploy version 2 this week, keep up the development. The stability of the vpn’s again helped a client who needed remote access in a DR scenario.

  12. ugur Says:

    great job. i follow-up pfsense!

  13. Ana Nym Says:

    A heroic accomplishment! I am both grateful and proud of your dev efforts to produce an awesome firewall!

  14. Al M Says:

    I’ve used pfSense for nearly four years and love it. I’m working on a virtual networking design to replace as much of the physical gear as I can. Congratulations Chris and team!

  15. Michele Says:

    I follow you since few months, but I am definitely thankful to you for your work.

  16. Ajay Says:

    Got about 40 installations running, the first one installed in 2006.

    pfSense never let me down. Thank you for your work and for giving it away for free.

  17. samham Says:

    I’ve been using pfSense for the past 3+ years, and loving it. Can’t wait for 2.1
    great work everyone!

  18. jerome Says:

    I love PFSENSE..i used this staff for almost 4 years..and it work great..thanks you guys for the great firewall i ever had…

  19. Dayna Says:


  20. Jack Says:


    I’ve been using pfsense for over five years now and I love it. Once it’s configured you can leave it running for months/years without rebooting.

  21. Fernando Says:

    Just to thank this wonderful project.

    Congrats and thank you.

  22. Rudi Oorlog Says:

    We are a non-profit organisation with a public-lan section.
    Running PF Sense seems to be the solution for us.
    Its hosting now +150 computers and wireless connections at ease.

    Thank and Congratulations.

  23. M Skyrme Says:

    Can I just say PFSense is fantastic! Just want a charity needs to provide free internet access and have full control. Been looking for something like this for ages. So good I’ve just introduced the same idea into a school I work for. BRILLIANT!

  24. cablak2003 Says:

    I’ve been using PFSense for over five years now and I love it. Once it’s configured you can leave it running for months/years without rebooting.
    PFSense never let me down, keep up the good work guys

  25. Farid Ahmad Says:

    pfsense is very impressive, I use pfsense since the year 2006 and never reboot

  26. lakmal Says:

    I’ve been using PFS for about 2 year’s , its amazing …… love the features and the flexibility
    Thank you very much for this amazing software and keep up the work guys !!!!

  27. Ericbradz Says:

    Many thanks to Pfsense i’ve save and organize out network system in our company here at Goabroad this is the best free BSD i ever use. thanks keep up the good work more Power.

  28. Huong Says:

    Thank pfsense, i love it !!!

  29. Anthony Says:

    Pfsense rocks. I love it!

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