Keeping up with the project using RSS

When changes and development occur as rapidly as they continue to on this project, it’s hard to keep up. The only feasible way I’ve found to keep up with things is through the three RSS feeds available.

If you’re not familiar with RSS, I recommend reading the first few paragraphs of the Wikipedia entry on RSS. There are a huge number of RSS aggregators available. Personally, I use Bloglines, a free web-based service. I use several machines in different locations, and it keeps track of what I’ve seen and what I haven’t, no matter what machine I’m using.

The available RSS feeds are as follows. You just need to copy and paste these links into your RSS aggregator software.

This blog
CVStrac timeline
Wiki changes

Update – There are three more feeds I just discovered in the FAQ.

FAQ News feed
FAQ Top 10 feed
FAQ Newest Questions feed

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