OpenVPN client now available on Apple iOS!

Great news for many pfSense users today, as OpenVPN Technologies in collaboration with Apple have released an OpenVPN client for iOS.

Within hours of its release, Jim Pingle updated our OpenVPN Client Export package’s inline export option to be compatible with iOS (and retaining its Android compatibility). The inline export is available for 2.0.x and 2.1 versions. Upgrade your package under System>Packages to the latest version and use the inline export option, which can be imported into the iOS client via iTunes amongst other methods. I had my iPhone connected to OpenVPN within 5 minutes, it’s a quick, easy process.

Our thanks to OpenVPN Technologies and Apple for making this happen!

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24 Responses to “OpenVPN client now available on Apple iOS!”

  1. Marco Says:

    Sweet rollerblading baby Jesus, that was about time! Great news having OpenVPN on the iStuff, I guess that’s easier to make IPsec finally work under iOS 6 (but we’ll still wait for that to happen, Apple).

  2. Jason Litka Says:

    Sweet! $50 to the first person who can get me directions to get my TiVo Stream working with this while I’m not at home.

  3. georgeman Says:

    Awesome!! Thanks! I though that if such a thing would ever be available officially on iOS it would be on the headlines… But it’s nowhere so far, I only saw it at the pfSense Twitter account.

    BTW, I had to tweak the inline config exported from pfSense in order to make it work. The OpenVPN Connect app complained about the closing tab, so I had to edit the .ovpn file and add a line break just before


  4. georgeman Says:

    Mmm, it didn’t show up con the previous post, but I’m talking about the ” ” closing tab

  5. georgeman Says:

    Ok, the comment system does not like me 🙁

    Just add a line break after the CERT and CA closing tabs

  6. alejandro Says:

    Great news people!

  7. peterpf Says:

    Works ! Ahhhh, Great Job – well done, thank you very mouch Jim Pingle, i fuddeld around sinse ours, with certificates… There will be no donat to apple by me 🙂 – cause of ignoring our needs so long – but you guys are really worth it. thnx.

  8. Alberto Picon Says:

    Absolutely GRRRRREAT! Thank you, Thank you Thank you!

  9. asgeir Says:

    Ah, fantastic!!! Now I don’t have to jailbreak my devices anymore to use OpenVPN!!! 🙂

  10. nima Says:

    Thanks a looooooooooot.

  11. freetomfr Says:

    It’s seems to be great but unavailable in French App store. Does anyone know why?

  12. Dave Says:

    This is amazing! I’ve waited so long to use OpenVPN on iOS (I thought it was a lost cause). It works great and doesn’t suck up all my battery even if I forget to shut it down. I can’t say enough great things about this. Two thumbs up!!

  13. gusdvg Says:

    freetomfr, the @openvpn twitter account says there is an “import license” they need to have before they can make it available in France…

  14. freetomfr Says:

    Thanks gusdvg. Do they plan to have this import licence?

  15. NK Says:

    great work! Thanks!

  16. MightyPez Says:

    Just setup OpenVPN for the first time in the 2.1 beta with clients on Windows 7, Mountain Lion, and iOS 6.0.1 and they all worked beautifully. It’s great that there is a non-jailbroken OpenVPN client now!

  17. Steve-o Says:

    Nice, now only for the Chrome OS client to be more flexible and work with pfSense’s OpenVPN configurations.

  18. Cedric Says:

    Great ! This is a “revolution” 😉 OpenVpn was a point for me to jailbreak my iPhone. Having this official application is a great news. Thanks a lot !

  19. David Kamande Says:

    Finally! Awseome News!

  20. Erich Says:

    Wonders never cease – I’ve been waiting for this for so long. It works like a charm. Thanks so much guys, this opens up so many doors. Kudos to the OpenVPN and pfSense folks!!!

  21. wollud1969 Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now I can disable the PPTP stuff again.

  22. Pieter Jordaan Says:

    The OpenVPN export works great. We finally have an VPN solution that works on all devices here, and it is super simple to manage.

    Well done guys.
    Keep up the good work!

  23. Domenico Marino Says:

    One word: GREAT!!!
    I finally get to make free phone calls with my Iphone without Jailbrak! 😉

  24. Robin Friberg Says:

    Apparently I’m a bit slow… This is AWESOME 🙂
    Love the work you’re doing, keep it up!

    Best regards,

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