Upcoming Conferences

We’ll be at three upcoming conferences in the next few weeks.

BSDCan – May 15-19, Ottawa, Canada. We won’t be doing a formal presentation here this year, but several of us will be in attendance. Get in touch if you’d like to meet up.

Texas Linux Fest – May 31-June 1, Austin, Texas. We’ll have a table here in the exhibition space, please stop by if you’ll be in attendance. We’re headquartered in Austin and are always glad to meet with folks here when schedules permit.

SouthEast Linux Fest – June 7-9, Charlotte NC. I’ll be presenting a talk on all the latest with the project, and we’ll also have a table in the exhibition space.

We look forward to meeting many of you over the next few weeks!


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6 Responses to “Upcoming Conferences”

  1. when will you be coming to Kenya? Says:

    Is there a possiblity of your team coming to Kenya?

  2. Chris Buechler Says:

    We make it to major open source conferences in many locations. Kenya would probably be difficult for logistical and cost reasons though.

  3. Kevin Hattingh Says:

    Will you be coming to Linux Fest in Columbus OH?

  4. Chris Buechler Says:

    Kevin: I’m considering it, haven’t decided for sure yet. It’s a bit close to EuroBSDCon. Maybe though.

  5. Ast Says:

    http://2013.eurobsdcon.org/eurobsdcon-2013/tutorials/#pfSense is being offered at EuroBSDcon 2013 in Malta – early registration ends September 1st 2013!

  6. Raja Says:

    HI Guys,

    Does the new PF sense 2.03 support wireless N (802.11n) ?
    I have 802.11N with Ralink chipset, It is detect however only run with 802.11G mode.


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