pfSense Gold Subscription Now Available!

pfSense Gold is our $99 per year premium membership subscription program, designed to provide special benefits to our members while supporting ongoing development of the Open Source pfSense project.  We hope this dual benefit will make Gold a program worth subscribing to.

Current exclusive benefits for Gold members include:

  • Access to our AutoConfigBackup secure cloud based backup service for up to 10 hosts.**
  • Immediate pre-publication access to the updated pfSense: The Definitive Guide book in PDF, fully updated for the pfSense 2.1 release. This is a significant update to the current book, and currently has approximately 200 additional pages. PDF available for immediate download after purchase!
  • Monthly online MeetUp!  Video conference using Google Hangouts or similar technology, hosted by a rotating selection of core developers with occasional special guests.  We will announce demos / topics in advance and take general questions from the audience.

Future benefits:

  • A Gold Star!   Gold status indicated on your pfSense forum posts at Please purchase with the same email address as you use on the forum if you already have an account there, to ensure the integration flows through once we launch this.
  • Subscriber only board on the pfSense forum.
  • In person meet ups at conferences.
  • More to come!  We have many other ideas but we would also like to hear from you.  If you have suggestions for future benefits, please let us know! Email gold at

Only you can make pfSense better!  If you have questions about any of the benefits, please get in touch.  New benefits and features will be announced here.   We hope you enjoy pfSense Gold – thanks for your continued support!

Buy now here!

**The pfSense Gold AutoConfigBackup service is limited to backing up 10 hosts.   We also offer this service for up to 300 hosts through our standard support subscription. Need more? Contact us to discuss specifics.

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19 Responses to “pfSense Gold Subscription Now Available!”

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    […] [UPDATE] Chris Buechler 11:07 Uhr auf Google+ Offizieller Link für das 2.1-RELEASE Offizieller Link für die Gold Subscription inkl AutoBackup […]

  2. Jens Groh Says:

    Hi Chris & Team,

    just to verify: is this gold subscription meant in addition to the support subscriptions or is the gold sub already included in the more expensive support subscription level?

    Thanks for the hard work,


  3. tuzito Says:

    I want to buy that!!!

  4. mrpsycho Says:

    great! i like its price, nice features.

  5. Rafael Says:

    Joined the pfSense Gold Subscription. Thanks for another opportunity to contribute. And thank you for your work and efforts so far.

  6. storkus Says:

    Chris, if I was getting paid to keep our pfSense installation running, I’d drop this no problem; unfortunately, I let myself get roped into installing and maintaining it for free in my spare time here at work. Still, I’ll at least be buying the 2.1 book when it comes out: I know it’s not much, but I’m just one poor (money-wise) guy, hence my actual NEED for FOSS.

    Now that the economy is improving (at least in some places), I’m sure you’ll get some support from people who do this for a living.

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  8. Jared Says:

    Jens Groh, it is my understanding that the gold subscription benefits are already included in the more expensive support subscription level (and will be as more benefits are added). The gold sub allows people who don’t need support to access the additional benefits.

  9. David Shauger Says:

    Got mine today. Can’t wait to read the manual! Busy upgrading several dozen firewalls over this week.

  10. Jens Groh Says:

    @Jared: As this isn’t explicitly stated and the Gold level included things (like the monthly meetup) we never read about when signing the support subscription, I thought we’d better ask about it. We have no problem also running a gold sub for that price a year but if it is already included, that would at least be nice to know before redundantly having several subscription and confusing people 😉

  11. Jared Dillard Says:

    I’ll double check with Chris. The gold subscription (and the support subscription, assuming I am correct) is only good for one user when we implement integrations with the forum, etc in the future so that is something to take into account. I don’t want to stop you from finding ways to support the project 😉 I’m also working on a new design to make things more clear, but it may take a while to launch given everything else. Thanks for support thus far!

  12. pfSense Makes Sense | LAS s28e09 | Jupiter Broadcasting Says:

    […] pfSense Digest » Blog Archive » pfSense Gold Subscription Now Available! […]

  13. Chris Buechler Says:

    The support subscription includes the same benefits as gold, this is just a way of making the benefits support subscribers have available at a lower price point.

  14. Jens Groh Says:

    @chris: Thanks for letting us know. So no reason to bring my boss in to get yet another subscription if those treats are already included. There were a few problems with the AutoBackup though, but I’ll have to double check after upgrading the firewalls all to 2.1rel.

    @jared: No doubt about that, if we have a few coins left at the end of the year, we’ll definetly donate some to the project. That’s a no brainer 🙂

  15. pfSense 2.1, pfSense Gold Subscription and ESF | FreeBSD News Says:

    […] was also announced that there is now a $99 pfSense Gold […]

  16. Greg Says:

    When will the updated book be available on Amazon?

  17. Dan Lundqvist Says:

    To Chris and all others involved in this project/product.

    To continue my longtime support the pfSense software, I did purchased the Gold Subscription today as I truly believe and want to support the continued development and to give credit to all existing contributors to this project.

    I am a private user and is taking the funding out of my personal pocket but I do think it is worth it.

    Best regards
    Dan Lundqvist
    Stockholm, Sweden
    (alias mrzaz,mrzazsince1982)

  18. Dan Lundqvist Says:

    Btw. How will the “Monthly online MeetUp!” be announced ?
    Through email to Gold Subscription owners ?


  19. BatmansByte Says:

    Can we buy just one year of the Gold Subscription if we don’t use the backup features?

    Kirk B.

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