pfSense at BSDCan 2006 – Call for Donations

If you haven’t heard yet, pfSense and m0n0wall will be presented at BSDCan this year by Scott and myself. We’ll also be attending the FreeBSD Developer Summit. This is not a cash-laden conference though, so Scott and I have agreed to provide for our own airfare to Ottawa.

We’re asking for donations so as little as possible of this expense will have to come out of our pockets. I will immediately post a follow up here if we do receive enough donations to cover our expenses.

This is a great opportunity for us to network with the FreeBSD developers, and will certainly help make this project better. Thanks for your continued support!

Edit: Might help if I tell you how to donate. 🙂 You can send PayPal to, or email me for alternate means of payment.

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