Second Annual pfSense Hackathon – Call for Donations

The second annual pfSense Hackathon is coming up in two weeks. Scott, Bill, Holger, and myself (Chris) will be attending for sure, with potentially other developers making the trip as well. Only pfSense committers are invited to attend this event.

What’s a hackathon? See Wikipedia’s Hackathon entry.

Scott, Bill, and Holger will mostly be working on wrapping up the 1.0 release, as well as new development in HEAD (1.1). I will be working mostly on upgrading the servers that host all our web sites as well as the sites for several other open source projects including m0n0wall.

We have purchased some new drives and will also be adding some RAM to the servers, as well as migrating one of them from FreeBSD 4.11 to 6.1 (with the other already on 6.1, but I’ll be replacing the RAID controller).

Hardware Needs
If you have any PC100 or PC133 registered ECC SDRAM (must be registered ECC) or SCSI hard drives 73 GB or larger you would be willing to contribute, please email me. We have purchased enough drives to do the upgrades, and have some RAM on hand, but could really use more. Both our servers, one with 2 GB and one with 1 GB RAM, are swapping to disk now (running numerous jails), so any contributions will really help boost performance of all our sites.

Monetary Contributions
As always, you can send monetary contributions to paypal at chrisbuechler dot com, which will cover hardware costs, other project expenses (domain costs, etc.), and food, coffee and beer for the hackathon attendees.

Open source works well when everyone contributes what they can – be it hardware, money, time helping support users, code, documentation, etc. Please do what you can to support the project. Thanks very much for your continued support!

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