pfSense translation project

August 28th, 2006 by Scott Ullrich

Announcing the pfSense translation project!

If you know two or more languages please join us in making pfSense multi-language ready!

Visit our new Translation Server today.

3 Responses to “pfSense translation project”

  1. Tufan ULU Says:

    I can work for the translation studies of pfsense from English to Turkish. I was using ipcop and now I am using pfsense for our companies guess network since 2 years. Ipcop has already Turkish support and because pfsense is better then ipcop pfsense must multi-language ready.

  2. bmr Says:

    translation wed is not working. Please check.

  3. Chris Buechler Says:

    There is no translation server up anymore. We don’t have any branches capable of being translated. The effort was abandoned though it may be picked back up on in the future.

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