The pfSense team is excited to bring you our first ever real release!

That is right, 1.0 is finally blessed and is making its way to the mirrors now. We have tried really hard to eliminate all bugs but with any software we expect to find some as this release will be used by a lot more people. With that said, there are a few problems that you should be aware of. Check this wiki article to see the release caveats.

Other than the few small items mentioned in the above wiki article 1.0 is solid and performs quite well. We are rather proud of our work.

So grab 1.0 and install it this weekend and head over to our forum and post your experiences, good or bad. Also, please digg our release notice!

Happy pfSensing!

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4 Responses to “1.0-RELEASED!”

  1. cOS Says:

    Congratulations for your work!

  2. Jon Whittington Says:

    Excellent work guys! Congratulations on the release milestone!

  3. Matteo Riondato Says:

    Well done Scott. We’ll release FreeSBIE 2.0 around the middle of November. =)

  4. mickrussom Says:

    Very very good.

    Let’s get l2tp/ipsec working (so that naked OS X and Windows 2000/XP/2003 clients can get in without using pptp but still use the native client), and NAT-T/natting IPSEC working.

    This thing is great. the other thing that would be nice would be to have a tick box for allowing pinging the firewall, i did this with rules, but it would be nice.

    This is the best pix+vpn3005 eliminator yet. this is the only thing non commercial that has the hope to go on and defeat the vile pix/vpn3005 stranglehold.

    All in all its looking good. Its FreeBSD 6.1, so I can copy binaries that I like if I want, and this thing has a hell of a lot more promise for road warriors than IPCop 1.4.11 from which I just defected.

    How do we rally/round up support for this thing? I told all the tech-folks I know.

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