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1.2.1 Snapshots Available for Testing

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

pfSense 1.2.1 snapshots are now available for testing! These snapshots contain a few bug fixes since 1.2 release, and the base OS has changed to FreeBSD 7.0.

These snapshots are not widely tested at this point. The change to FreeBSD 7.0, and some changes in the build system related to our git conversion may have created some OS issues. The pfSense code itself has not changed much from 1.2-release, and what has changed is all pretty well tested, so there likely won’t be any issues there. The OS changes mean you should be very careful if you choose to test these snapshots. Backup your configuration first, and make sure you have a pfSense 1.2 CD handy for reinstall in the worst case scenario. We are not aware of any problems, but again, this has not been widely tested yet so proceed with caution! I strongly suggest not trying this on any critical systems yet.
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