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Hackathon less than a week away!

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

The third annual pfSense Hackathon starts this coming weekend through the following weekend, in Louisville, KY US. Two developers (Holger and Seth) will be coming in from Europe, as well as Bill from the Chicago area, Gary with Centipede Networks from Tulsa, and Scott and I who both live in Louisville.

For those not familiar with the term, Wikipedia has a good entry for hackathon. In short, it’s a time for us to get together and dedicate most of our time to improving pfSense and implementing new features. We’ve all taken vacation time from our day jobs to focus strictly on pfSense development during this time.

This is the longest hackathon yet, at 8 days from start to finish. We should be able to accomplish a lot during this time.

We have an ideas page with a list of things we may or may not work on during this time. If you know of something you’d like to see, email me and it may get added to the list (though that doesn’t mean it’ll be started or completed).

Thanks very much to the numerous people who have contributed towards the expenses of this event thus far! Donations are still needed, PayPal can be sent to, or email me for alternate means of payment.